L'expédition d'Égypte, Alexandrie et les Ottomans : l’autre histoire

LF. Bilici

Études Alexandrines 40, Centre d'Études Alexandrines, Alexandria, 2017,
IISBN 978-2-11-139028-7, ISSN 1110-6441


The Egyptian Expedition of 1798-1801 has mostly been studied on the basis of French and British sources, but this is the first time that Ottoman archives held in Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria have been so extensively exploited in order to write the “other history”, as lived and seen by the Ottoman Empire and with Alexandria as a central issue. The expedition was of relatively short duration and with rather vague aims from the outset, and yet it had long-lasting consequences on the political, economic and social balance of the Ottoman Empire. What may initially appeared to have been a punitive operation against the Mamluke beys was transformed into an international conflict that shifted the centre of gravity of European policies in the eastern Mediterranean.
This research has been awarded the Prix Édouard Goby for 2016 from the Institut de France.

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