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may 2002


Perhaps you will have seen the third film about Alexandria that was screened on the France 2 television channel; "Les mystères d'Alexandrie". The director, Thierry Ragobert, wanted to show the different facets of our research in Alex; the city walls and cisterns, forensic anthropology in the necropoli, the salvage digs of the former Greek Patriarchate and the Caesareum site, the underwater excavations and progress in the reconstitution of the Pharos and the colossal statuary etc.

Photo :

Latex imprinting an underwater block
November 2001
Pharos excavation off Qaitbay Fort,
© CEA, all rights reserved

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Other footage was taken of subjects such as numismatics and archeozoology; however, the very richness of these areas of research meant that the sequences were not used and will perhaps be included in another film.

If we have managed to arrive at such a situation, it is thanks to the support of various institutions (CNRS, the Ministries of Research and Foreign Affairs) as well as sponsors (over the years, Elf, EDF, France-Telecom) and not forgetting the non-profit making association "Friends of the Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines".

Please visit the Association web pages. You will see just how much we need and appreciate your support in our continuing salvage excavations.

Together we can save Alexandria!

Jean-Yves Empereur
Director, CEAlex
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